Our imprint on the BPO world is shaped everyday through the goal we achieve & the relationships we develop.


Business Strategy :


ATech always strives hard to source strategy for the attainment of critical and strategic client business needs. ATech’s business strategy starts with a comprehensive assessment of the current client service delivery model against dimensions of effectiveness and efficiency. ATech’s approach proceeds by examining potential sourcing scenarios which describe the suitability of an approach to meet specific client needs. After executive insights are considered, the team finalizes the optimal sourcing strategy for client parameters. ATech’s business strategy ensures higher efficiency and accountability bringing the company closer to its goals and objectives.



ATech is a customer-oriented company. At ATech, a team of experts first gains an intimate understanding of your business, products and services, objectives, past and current performance and existing processes. ATech works in collaboration with customers to define the scope of engagement, identify requirements, and chart a rational course of action.


ATech experts design a solution combining existing technology and architecture, including recommended business rules, process flows, data security and compliance procedures, layouts, and more.


Following ISO 9000 guidelines, ATech is dedicated to quality and continuous process improvement for both customers and employees. In the development phase, ATech builds the physical and technical infrastructure, materialize the solution, conduct testing over several iterations, and produce user documentation.



Finally, ATech matches or exceeds customer expectations; deploying the solution on pre-identified platforms, transferring knowledge and imparting training for users, produce documentation, and provide opportunities for up skilling.